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Strategy Development

Strategic alignment is now a team effort. The days when the corporate strategy was developed top-down are over. Today, it is more important than ever that strategy development takes place in a participatory manner so that intrapreneurship can develop. OKR as an agile target system has started its triumphal procession also in European companies. Innovative development formats such as Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play, OBEYA, and Business Model Canvas support this agile strategy development.

Strategy Development

  • OKR - Objectives and Key Results Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a method for goal setting from agile working, in which employees are involved in the formulation of the company's goals. A high degree of transparency and alignment ensures a stringent alignment of the organization. One of the biggest advantages of the OKR method is the identification and intrinsic motivation of the employees.

Objectives are goals for your organization. They must be primarily ambitious and motivating. 

Key Results, on the other hand, are measurable metrics (key outcomes) that allow you to measure your progress against specific goals.


  • Agile Strategy Development                   The first task of strategy is to provide orientation. Agility in strategy work means defining a framework in the first step - this can be a topic area or a rough goal. Within this framework, we think and act in steps and stages (sprints). One acts, evaluates, and reflects where one stands, and then the next steps are planned with an agile strategy team.

  • Flight Levels                                                          The Flight Levels are the levels at which working and thinking take place in an organization. We distinguish between three levels:

    • Flight Level 1                                                The day-to-day business, as they say.

    • Flight Level 2                                                The interface between day-to-day business and strategy.

    • Flight Level 3                                               The strategy level. Where the visions originate.


​The Flight Level 3 system supports the organization in operationalizing its strategy. To do this, the strategy is broken down so that initiatives can move via Flight Level 2 into Flight Level 1 as work for the teams and departments.

  • Business Model InnovationBusiness Model Innovation (BMI) describes the process by which a company consciously changes its existing business model in order to better meet customer needs. The aim is not to reinvent individual products or services but to rethink or renew the entire business model.

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas helps you to crystallize a business model from the business idea. It is based on nine blocks:

  • Customer Segment: Which people, organizations, and markets should be reached?

  • Value proposition: What problem do I solve for my customer?

  • Channels: What sales and marketing activities do I use to contact the customer?

  • Customer relationships: What relationships do I have with the customer?

  • Income sources: What income do I have from whom?

  • Main resources: What resources do I need for my business model?

  • Main activities: What processes are necessary?

  • Main Partnerships: Who are my main partners?

  • Cost structure: What do I spend money on?

  • Agile Sales Strategy with OBEYA                   Discover the power of OBEYA as a transformative tool for agile sales strategy development. Derived from the Japanese concept of "big room," Obeya creates a collaborative space where sales teams converge to strategize, innovate, and align their efforts seamlessly. Through this dynamic approach, we facilitate open communication, foster cross-functional collaboration, and promote real-time decision-making. We guide your organization in implementing OBEYA, enabling your sales teams to adapt swiftly to market changes, identify customer needs, and refine strategies on the fly. Experience the accelerated growth, improved customer engagement, and heightened sales performance that OBEYA can unleash for your business. Embrace the future of agile sales with our specialized consultancy services today.

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