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Agile coaching is the universal language of transformation and learning in an agile environment

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Agile & New Work Coaching

Michèle has 20 years of experience in systemic coaching and organizational development.


She accompanies agile teams and organizations on their way to more agility and trains agile and OKR coaches.


In agile transformation processes, Michèle has accompanied numerous organizations and teams. 

michele Neuland, Neuland Consulting


  • Agile coaching for teams and organizations

  • Accompanying agile transformations

  • Introduction of agile frameworks such as OKR, SCRUM, Design Thinking, Flight Levels, ...

  • Agile learning and agile personnel development 

  • Agile innovation formats

agile coaching, Neuland Consulting


  • Coaching training

  • Solution-oriented short-term therapy (Steve de Shazer)

  • Provocative therapy (Frank Farrelly)

  • Systemic counselling

  • Systemic constellation work

  • TZI

  • Gestalt therapy

  • Agile Coaching

  • MBTI a.o.


  • German

  • English

Leadership experience

  • Member of the management board of a medium-sized production company (marketing, personnel development, strategy)
  • Managing director of a training institute

  • Managing director of a publishing house

  • Managing partner of Neuland Partners for Development & Training GmbH & CoKG

  • Member of the board of the Didacta Association

  • Supervisory Board of a consulting company

  • Advisory Board of an innovative start-up

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