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Agile Learning and Development

The requirements for modern personnel development and talent management change with the strategic development fields of the organization. Digitization is taking hold, learning organizations are experiencing a renaissance - at the latest since it became apparent that agile learning ability and personal responsibility of employees are advancing to become a competitive factor for the company. Innovative, sustainable development concepts that do not separate learning from working are in demand. Developing and implementing these concepts together with you is the exciting part of this task...

Possible topics

  • agile learning

  • agile personnel development

  • development of self-organization

  • innovative development concepts

  • agile mindset

  • agile organizational development

Unterschreibe Liebe zum Lernen


  • Self-directed learning - employees control their own learning and allow their colleagues to share their knowledge.                                                     

  • Self-development competence - continuous self-development requires a high degree of self-reflection and feedback.                                        

  • Personal responsibility and self-organization - the promotion of participation and personal responsibility is the basis for self-organization (also in teams).

  • Enablers of learning processes - a changed understanding of the role of personnel development.                                                           

  • Agile learning facilitators - Instead of classic trainers, agile learning facilitators are needed to support and encourage learners in their self-directed learning.

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